• Auto Num API

    Guaranteed unique ID generation with configurable ID length and allowed characters. Generate a random, unique ID, Check to see if a ID already has been used, Add an Ad-hoc ID to the keybase

  • BakedInHelp API

    Add help topics to your application

  • Cloud Clip API

    Cloud clipboard -- leave some data and pick it up later.

  • Loc Time API

    Convert Date And Time across timezones and formats.

  • Phone Format API

    Format any phone number.

  • Prime Numbers API

    Check if a Number is prime

  • QR API

    Encode and decode QR Codes

  • VCardFile API

    Convert a VCF to JSON data and back.

  • Web Colors API

    Convert between RGB and Hex Colors.

  • XRate API

    Global Currency converter based on ECB data